Technological and business expertise provided for product and service improvements are helping us achieve our vision to foster the growth of SMEs competitiveness and potential. There is no better indicator than trust earned from clients.

These are their stories.

Špica sustavi Ltd. is a leading software provider of human-centric and smart workforce management solutions. With the help of Bluedih, Špica is simplifying the interaction between warehouse workers and IT systems by using affordable speech recognition technology.

Oikon Ltd. - Institute of Applied Ecology is a leading licensed and accredited consulting company / research institute in the field of applied ecology in Croatia and the region. In collaboration with Bluedih, Oikon is developing a smart surveillance system for wildlife tracking using IoT technology.

Omolab komunikacije Ltd. is a team of speech therapists, designers, typographers and IT professionals with a mission is to create concrete and useful reading inventions to make life easier. Omolab is developing an effective and affordable solution for detection of reading difficulties and reading improvements using eye tracking technologies.

Seal-mart Ltd. is a manufacturing SME selling all kinds of sealing solutions, gaskets and engineered plastic and rubber parts for maritime, wood, food and construction industries. Bluedih is assisting Seal-mart to digitally transform it’s warehouse system by connecting it to the global e-commerce platform.

Komplet sistem Ltd. provides a full IT solutions in accordance to the clients needs. Through collaboration with Bluedih, Komplet is developing affordable smart computer vison system for traffic monitoring and automatic detection of prohibited or dangerous behaviors within ports.

Draco Ltd. is a SME founded in 1997. which provides technologically innovative waterproofing products and systems for construction industries. Bluedih and Draco have conducted full analysis of potential to digitally transform each segment of business to boost their competitiveness.

International Partners

By establishing a strong connection with the digital innovation hubs throughout Europe we aim to provide our clients with the best possible services. Various projects have given us the opportunity to collaborate with DIHs in different areas of expertise.

IoT Digital Innovation Hub


Onex Digital Innovation Hub

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