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Bluedih receives a Seal of Excellence within Digital Europe Programme

As one of the contestants within Digital Europe Programme call Bluedih was recognized as a high quality project proposal in a highly competitive evaluation process by European Commission and has been awarded with a Seal of Excellence.

This recognition has been a validation of the quality of our work and the impact we have on digitalization of our SMEs.

Bluedih will continue to provide it’s services through various projects and national funding schemes and we are looking forward to continue assisting our SMEs breaching a digitalization gap.

Croatian companies receive funding for technological experiments through BOWI project

Amongst 175 applicants from 9 European regions 4 Croatian companies were selected for funding of their technological experiments through Horizon 2020 project “Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs” - BOWI. The companies will receive 60 000€ each for development of their products and services by implementing digital technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Internet of things and Machine learning.  

The experiments will revolve around creating advanced systems of port and wildlife surveillance, warehouse management  as well as development of advanced eye tracking glasses to tackle the problems of dyslexia.

Technical and business support and mentoring of the experiments will be provided by Bluedih and IoT DIH  from Spain.

Successful implementation of automated e-commerce warehouse system

A 6-month project experiment with Slovenian company SEAL-MART d.o.o. and BlueDIH for worth 92.900,00 EUR has successfully come to an end. SEAL-MART d.o.o. as a manufacturing SME that has grown into a global company selling a variety of sealing solutions, gaskets, and designed plastic and rubber components for a variety of sectors, including marine, wood, food, and construction. However, entering new markets and going global posed new challenges for the company everyday operations. The main aim of the project was digital transformation of the company warehouse system and its connection to the global e-commerce platform.

Mind4Machines Open Call Launch

Mind4Machines Open Call provides funding opportunity for SMEs and Startups providing cross-cutting digital technologies to manufacturing industry.  The aim of the call is to increase the level of digitalization in manufacturing industries and project in the area of development, testing, validation, and market uptake of Industry 4.0 solutions are viable for funding. Up to 120.000€ of financing will be available to consortium project while 60.000€ is available for individual SMEs. The Call will be launched at 27th of April and you can register for Info day on the link below.

Successful implementation of the DIH-WORLD Digital warehouse experiment

After the successful launch of the Digital Warehouse project, the project implementation has successfully started. So far, a deep analysis of the companies’ current capabilities and needs was conducted to identify the requirements/features of each system. Along with it, a feasibility study and architecture of the tailor-made solution with information on the features of each system to fully integrate into the company's existing processes was created. After both required pre-steps were done, BlueDIH conducted a partner search of the required technologies with specific architectural solutions. They searched for an innovative and compatible global e-commerce platform, automated storage and retrieval system, warehouse management system software, and barcode inventory control (QR code) solutions in the EU market with the help of Enterprise Europe Network. Along with the above-mentioned activities experiment was successfully presented in the Digital showroom in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Receive up to 60K EUR

BOWI Open Call 3 will distribute up to €2.16 M among 36 SMEs and Mid-caps from the 9 regions, to develop their digital experiments. Additionally, up to €300,000 (€15,000 per experiment) will be made available in the form of a voucher among 20 experiments from particular regions.

The selected experiments will become part of a 10 months Support Program which in addition to support and funding includes:

Technical support to support the experiment implementation from industry experts at their local DIH;

Business mentoring to build a business strategy out of the outcomes of the project from their local DIH;

Project funded trough DIH-WORLD open call

A funding of 92.900, 00 EUR was won by the consortium of Slovenian company SEAL-MART and BlueDIH for development and implementation of e-commerce warehouse system. Seal-mart is a manufacturing SME, slowly growing into a global company, selling all kinds of sealing solutions, gaskets and engineered plastic and rubber parts for different industries including maritime, wood, food, construction. This 6 month project will create a solid ground for the company’s long-term ambition to enter global markets and have efficient everyday operational capacities. The main aim of the project is digital transformation of the company warehouse system and its connection to the global e-commerce platform.

BlueDIH will support SEAL-MART company during the project implementation period by providing support and engaging an external expert for needs analysis and feasibility study to provide main features and architectural solution that will be implemented during the project lifespan.

The main goal of DIH-World open calls is to support digitization experiments involving Digital Innovation Hubs and SMEs in the production sector in the 27 EU countries. In the first open call for experiments 28 different projects were selected, involving 56 partners (28 SMEs and 28 DIHs). The innovative experiments received up to EUR 95,000 to support the integration of digital technologies into the processes, products or services of an SMEs.

Digital Transformation driven by the EDIH network

On May 20th at CLUJ IT Cluster Cluj Innovation Days we will present EDIH and participate in the panel about digital transformation, the European Digital Innovation Hubs Network and the implications and mechanisms behind the initiative.

Signed partnership with DIH4Society

DIH4S is located in the North-West Region of Romania, with the headquarter in Cluj-Napoca. DIH4S was established in 2019 by Cluj IT Cluster. Their focus is on Artificial Intelligence and Smart Robotics to support smarter, safer, and more sustainable companies, organizations, communities, cities, and territories.

Partnership with CETMA DIHSME

CETMA is a top player for innovation in Southern Italy covering Apulia and Basilicata regions. CETMA-DIHSME was born from CETMA's more than twenty years experience in assisting SMEs for applying advanced technologies and materials.

National EDIH candidate

We have been selected and nominated to EC as one of five national EDIH candidates for the upcoming DEP call.

Partnership with EDIH Corsica

The project of EDIH Corsica is carried by a group of eleven digital enterprises and supported by the Corsican Region and is aimed to play the role of an accelerator for the technological and digital transformation of the region. Bluedih and EDIH Corsica have signed MoU for collaboration in topics of joint interest.

Open Call for SMEs to finance the use of HPC services

Proposals are sought that address business challenges from European SMEs covering varied application domains, preference being given to engineering and manufacturing, or sectors able to demonstrate fast economic growth or particular economic impact for Europe. Priority will be given to consortia centred on SMEs that are new to the use of advanced HPC services.

The first Open Call was opened on 2nd November 2020 and will be closed on 27th January 2021.

Blue Economy Window Call 2020

The grants offered to SMEs in this blue economy window call for proposals shall help advance market-readiness of new products, services or processes. Activities could, for example, include trials, prototyping, validation, demonstration and testing in real environment conditions, and market replication. 

This call is intended for SMEs across the European Union. You can get up to 70% co-funding for your project with an average EU contribution between €700.000 and € 2.500.000.

Digital excellence for blue-green growth

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